Ethical review

The procedure for evaluating the ethical aspects of research projects (GfeW review procedure) is available to experimental economists who work at universities or recognised research institutions and plan economic experiments.

An ethics certificate (in English, see example) of the research project will be made available for download after successful completion of the ethics test (see also notes: "Steps to the ethics certificate").

[Example] Institutional Review Board Certificate (English)

Retrieve existing certificate of ethics

Certificates already created can be retrieved at any time. To do this, you need the number of the corresponding certificate. Please click on the following button to call it up.

The fee for an ethics certificate of GfeW in the expedite review procedure is 30 Euro or 25 Euro for members of GfeW (the voucher code is required).
Steps to the ethics certificate
Step 1: Admissibility check
Testing whether the experiment can be evaluated in accordance with the GfeW Ethics Directive.
Step 2: Ethics review
Further questions about the experiment.
Step 3: Result of the test
Determination of the procedure for obtaining a certificate.
Step 4: Data entry
Enter personal data and billing address as well as information about the experiment.
Step 5: Overview
Check all entries.
Step 6: Payment of the fee
30 Euro and 25 Euro for members of GfeW.
Step 7: Download
Download Ethics Certificate (in English) and invoice.