Founded in 1977, GfeW is the world's oldest association of experimentally working scientists. Rather than assuming strict rationality and self-interest maximization, GfeW members consider human behavior in its full breadth as the subject of their research. Experimental methodology, the controlled variation of conditions in the laboratory or in the field, enables the identification of more diverse human behaviors, such as those related to risk, forethought, ethics, values, gender behavior, diversity, social norms, conflict, discrimination, communication, competition, coordination, or cooperation. Our research aims both to better understand human behavior as a whole and to better advise public organizations or private companies. This concerns topics such as the avoidance of wars, climate protection, government taxation, the reduction of corruption, the improvement of health, the design of democratic institutions, the handling of artificial intelligence, the effect of monetary incentives or the operational promotion of innovations and markets.

The GfeW creates a forum for sharing experiences on new developments in experimental methodology. These can be innovative designs, new software or tools, trends in data storage and archiving, ethical standards, statistical methods, the construction of virtual, physical or ad-hoc laboratories, the use of online platforms, the handling of Big-Data or the use of experimental modules in teaching. Scientists exchange ideas in GfeW on traditional and new research areas. Our goal is to provide an academic home for all researchers working experimentally in German-speaking countries, to further establish experimental research as an important methodology in economics, and to further develop the standards of good experimental work. In doing so, we link interdisciplinarily, for example to psychology, political science, law, communication science, neuroscience or evolutionary theory.

GfeW is internationally linked, maintains contact with researchers worldwide and awards science prizes to young researchers to promote innovative contributions. A GfeW conference is held annually to present new research results and designs, for internal communication, to exchange experiences and to maintain personal contacts. The exchange is regularly deepened via newsletters and video conferences.

Management board of the German Association for Experimental Economic Research e. V.

Prof. Dr. Johann Graf Lambsdorff (President)
Prof. Dr. Björn Frank (Vice president)
Prof. Dr. Marcus Giamattei (Director)

History of the German Association for Experimental Economic Research e. V.

Foundation of the company by Heinz Sauermann
Registered at the district court Königstein on 06/16/19771
Otwin Becker, Rudolf Richter, Heinz Sauermann, Reinhard Selten,
Reinhard Tietz, Horst Todt, Ulrike Vidmajer und Hans Jürgen Weber
Management board
president (V)
vice president (SV)
managing director (G)
1977-1981 Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Heinz Sauermann (V)
1982-1995 Prof. Dr. Reinhard Tietz (V)
1995-1999 Prof. Dr. Werner Güth (V)
1999-2004 Prof. Dr. Dr. Marlies Ahlert (V)
2004-2006 Prof. Dr. Axel Ockenfels (V)
Prof. Dr. Dr. Marlies Ahlert (SV)
Dr. Nadja Trhal (G)
2006-2021 Prof. Dr. Joachim Weimann (V)
Prof. Dr. Abdolkarim Sadrieh (SV)
Dipl. Kffr. Miriam Mezger (G)
Prof. Dr. Martin Fochmann (G)
since 2021 Prof. Dr. Johann Graf Lambsdorff (V)
Prof. Dr. Björn Frank (SV)
Prof. Dr. Marcus Giamattei (G)
Honorary president
Professor Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhard Selten